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Recruiters at XTUNED recognize each of the specialization skill sets, as we are aware that each category of expertise is very intricate and different from the other. We are the fastest growing recruitment firm, specializing in providing recruiters to assist you in meeting all of your urgent client needs on a daily basis. We are India’s only RPO powered by advanced AI and ML tools.

In this article, we take a look at how XTUNED can leverage on-demand recruiting solutions to meet their short-term or interim talent acquisition needs. By using a combination of the industry’s most advanced technology and our recruiters’ search can reach individual recruitment needs in a more punctual and professional fashion than others. This results in saving valuable resources such as time and money whilst instilling confidence in our methods for recruitment solutions.

We are engaging with and providing career options to talent across the globe, covering a variety of skills. This includes science and technology, finance, and various other profitable fields of expertise. The recruiters here treat each candidate as an individual to ensure the role’s accuracy and beneficialness for both the company and the candidate themselves.

Our prime motto is to deliver a recruitment process that you can potentially depend upon. This is why we have looked into developing a highly manageable system monitored by a dedicated manager who would help eliminate bottlenecks and ensure the recruitment process is smooth and seamless. Our major focus regions remain in different areas of technology, financial and other services where the demand for professionals is evergreen.

On-demand recruitment workflow:

1. The on-demand recruitment process begins with a quick 15-20 minute meeting with our success manager to understand the challenges in recruitment.
2. Our on-demand team of recruiters and sources are deployed and work immediately to recruit the talent you require.
3. You can hire your on-demand recruiting team for a few weeks to a few months. As much time as you require to meet your talent requirements.
4. After the engagement, the on-demand team will rapidly disengage. They can be rehired later for any need that arises.

Recruiters’ Roles and Responsibilities:


Building sourcing strategy, data mining, and search engine optimization of all postings, Use social media and event-based networking to your advantage.

Phone-screen candidates, Behavioral screening Assessment and testing tool recommendation. Selling the job opportunity Building a robust referral network

Schedule interviews, confirm interviews. Extensive candidate interview preparation

Gather manager feedback. Gather candidate feedback. HM interview skill analysis & optimization

In-depth candidate pre-closure, market research and offer analysis, negotiating and extending offers

Conduct background and reference checks. Enroll candidate Pre-start welcome session, Post start follow up

XTUNED Search offers a unique gateway to some of the best offshore talent that you would like to acquire in today’s competitive market. As a dynamic hiring company, we have teams who are highly specialized in all major aspects of offshore vacancies and at different levels. This, of course, means that if you are looking for someone on a permanent, contract, or temporary position, we can help you by offering the right kind of talent!

Research Analyst
At XTUNED Search, we truly understand that in today’s competitive market, people need access to a quick and ready-made source of information. For this simple reason, our experts have put together a large and extensive database of information from various sources on different potential candidates. All that you need to do is to search for whatever you want, and based on your set criteria, you are sure to find the right kind of talent for your project.

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